Company Overview

Being established in 1997 with a name of Import-Export and Construction Company under Bach Dang Construction Corporation.


Head office

In 2007, changed to the operation of the equitization model under the Decision No. 564/QD-BXD dated April 12th, 2007 of the Minister of Construction Ministry with a name of Bach Dang Import-Export and Construction Joint Stock Company (abbreviated name: Bimexco).

For over 20 years of construction, development and growth, Bach Dang Import-Export & Construction Joint Stock Company has been considered as a strong enterprise operating in the fields of nationwide construction and investment, become one of the contractors that are evaluated as a professional and quality contractor.

The above obtained achievement is due to the continuous effort and striving of the Administration Board, Board of Directors and all employees of the Company during the construction and development of the BIMEXCO trademark.

+ Main business lines:

  1. Construction and installation of civil and industrial works, power transmission line, transformer bay; construction and treatment of foundation, interior decoration; investment and trading in technical infrastructure of urban areas, industrial zones.
  2. Import and export of all types of material, equipment, process line, construction material, electrical appliances, chemical, spare part, mechanical tool, paper, paper pulp, agricultural product, food, wood, gasoline, oil, grease, gas, industrial gas, buying and selling agent, consigner’s agent.
  3. Training, education and guide for Vietnamese workers to do term job abroad.
  4. Production of and trading in material, spare part, metal component for construction, production of construction material.
  5. Supply of ready mix concrete to the projects.
  6. Trading in tourism service, roadway and waterway transport.
  7. Other business lines as prescribed by the law.

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