Health and safety policy


 – With a commitment to a safe and effective working environment, BIMEXCO has organized training courses on labor safety for the Company’s staff and workers and periodically checked the health for Company’s staff and workers.

– Accident in the working process is inevitable but with the experience and enthusiasm of the Company’s staff, we have established the most effective working safety protection measures to reduce the risk as well as potential accidents.

– This is not only the standard and responsibility but also the implementation principle of the Company, because the safety in the working environment is indispensable.

– The expenses for labor safety training courses are for a purpose of optimizing safety in the management and construction.

– For the safety of everyone as well as each individual, everyone should participate in reminding each other to mutually perform a good safety for themselves and for everyone around.

– The Company closely supervises the most methodical performance of labor safety measures at the Company and the projects to avoid potential accident.

– Regularly speeding up and checking the inspection of labor safety on the construction site, checking the personal protective equipment of workers before construction for Bach Dang Import-Export & Construction Joint Stock Company to be a leading safety company in the nationwide and international construction industry.

The Company’s Director undertakes and requires all employees in the Company to comply with the implementation of Vietnamese Standards on the management of labor safety and sanitation, protection of environment at the construction sites for the prestige and sustainable development of the Company.

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